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Abigail’s cake smash

Although cash smashes are not really my style of photography, I thought that as I had a cake and a birthday girl at my disposal I should give it a go!

Many of my photography colleagues who do cake smashes regularly told me that often the baby doesn’t like the cake! They are not used to the sweet taste and can be a bit overwhelmed by it. But fear not, Abigail literally wolfed down the cake! We had to take it away from her!!

This AMAZING cake was made by Heidi of That Baking Girl. I asked for a monkey cake topper and gave her the bunting we were planning to use at our party. The rest is the result of her fantastic creativity. The cake exceeded all expectations and tasted delicious! We also had matching monkey cake pops which the kids loved.  I allowed Abigail a few moments with the cake and then rescued it and cut her a slice! I couldn’t cope with the thought of her ‘smashing’ such a work of art!!!


Clare Breheny Photography 0234 Abigails cake smash

Clare Breheny Photography 0235 Abigails cake smash


Clare Breheny Photography 0237 Abigails cake smash


Family shoots – what to wear (With extra tips for the 2014 Mother’s Day shoots)

Even if you don’t like having your photograph taken, the whole point is to make YOU and your family the star of the show!

When our eyes look at a picture we are drawn to the thing that stands out the most. If everyone is wearing soft, muted colours and one person has a bright red top on, then our eye is distracted by this. If someone has a GAP sweater on then our eyes want to read those letters. We also want to present a feeling of harmony amongst the family, where individual personalities blend to create a varied but harmonious team!

I always think about portraits becoming family heirlooms, on the walls for many years to come, so simple and classic wins over high fashion!

For the mother’s day shoots we  have an interesting setting so it is ‘safer’ for clothes to offer harmony rather than competing for attention!

So here is the run down:

- Avoid text and logos. If you only follow one piece of advice, please follow this one!

- Patterns are ok as long as the co-ordinate with the other family members and are not overpowering. If you are unsure then opt for simple!

- Layering is fine. A shirt over a t-shirt. a denim jacket over a dress. These look great.

- Wear clothes that fit you well and flatter you- not too tight and not too loose. If you don’t like your arms (the most common thing a mum says to me on a shoot!) then 3/4 sleeves are a great option. Please don’t rely on photoshop to fix things like stray bra straps.

- Think of the outfits of the family as a whole – do they blend well together? They do not need to match or be uniform (ie that 1990s ‘all white shirts look’) – just coordinated.

- Babies – ensure their clothes will not ‘scrunch up’ to hide their features, Consider bringing a top layer that they can take off for the shoot.

- Whilst we welcome you to get dressed up, the Mother’s Day setting is quite relaxed, with a ‘shabby chic’ feel to it.. Think natural, organic, smart casual.

- Make up – somewhere between day wear and full-on evening glam is about right. Most women find make up is more subtle on camera than in the mirror so don’t be afraid to wear a little more than usual. Focus on defining your features – making your eyes and cheek bones pop.


- It’s best to select colours that fit together in a similar palette.  If you are unsure then lay the clothes out together on a bed and see how they look. Does any one item ‘jump out at you’ more than the others?

- At the Mother’s Day Shoots, the colour of the flowers in the backdrop will be determined by what is in bloom and so it is best to go for something quite neutral that won’t clash with pastels or brights.

- Neutral, muted colours, are always my preference as they blend together well and don’t date so much. (See some examples below)

- Avoid black and where possible, cream is better than white.

I have put together a few colour palettes. Please do not limit yourself to these but they help explain what I mean… (I don’t think the word ‘muted’ translates very well for all languages!!)


Clare Breheny Photography 0233 Family shoots   what to wear  (With extra tips for the 2014 Mothers Day shoots)











Rub a dub dub – 1 year old baby photography

I have been coveting this tub for some time… I finally got it delivered from the USA and was so excited to get my daughter to model it for me. Last night we had a different bath time (!) but ducky still got to join us!

I love the tub because it creates clean (get the pun!), timeless images. A prop, but without being gimmicky! It is also a fabulous way to get a 1 year old to sit in one spot for more than 0.5 seconds!

The tub is suitable for babies from when they are sitting unaided. It is just one ‘set up’ or ‘scene’ in my baby shoots, where I always achieve a lot of variety in the images we produce so that you are spoilt for choice.

Tub shots 1 year old photo shoot Clare Breheny Photography Rub a dub dub   1 year old baby photography

Ending the baby era…

Next weekend we will be busy celebrating my daughter’s first birthday with a house full of guests, so I thought I had better get her in the studio to record her one year milestone…

The bench picture was used on her birth announcement card. I can remember delicately balancing her on the bench to do so without waking her (with my husband hovering over her for safety!) and gently placing her arms and legs in to position. This time round, hubby was still hovering over her –  she was full of beans and wanting to jump off and grab everything in the studio!

Bunny is now a firm favourite so I am really pleased we used him in her newborn shot… though he is definitely grubbier one year on!!

newborn and one year photography by clare breheny photography Ending the baby era...

Zurich Maternity Session Sneak Peek

This time last year I was in those last few weeks of my pregnancy. My bump was heavy and I was tired. But I miss that bump. Stroking the smooth curve that signified the start of a whole new chapter and feeling the hiccups and kicks… I was so happy that I captured my own bump and I get excited whenever I capture someone else’s.

Here is a sneak peek of a recent maternity shoot. If you think these shots are beautiful then you should see the naked ones!!!

001 Clare Breheny Photography Maternity1 Zurich Maternity Session Sneak Peek002 Clare Breheny Photography Maternity1 Zurich Maternity Session Sneak Peek003 Clare Breheny Photography Maternity1 Zurich Maternity Session Sneak Peek004 Clare Breheny Photography Maternity1 Zurich Maternity Session Sneak Peek