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So ever since my first Mother’s day two years ago, and the overwhelming response to my Mother’s day blog post and my call to all mums to ‘put themselves in the picture’ I decided that I would make Mother’s Day weekend the time for my annual charity event.

This year’s event will be raising funds for NSPCC.

Last year I hosted a sell out Mother’s Day event in Zürich. We had a lot of fun and created some beautiful portraits. This year will be my first year in Gidea Park. I’ve joined forces with, Mark Belda at The Picture Frame Gallery, to host a pop up studio in his shop.

When: Saturday, 14 March 2015 |15 minute time slots available from 10:30-16:00

Where: The Picture Frame Gallery | 142 Main Road, Gidea Park, RM2 5EU (map)

Cost: £10 minimum donation to NSPCC

What’s Included: I will have a shooting area set up and will pose you with your children.  Following the photoshoot, a photographer’s choice printed and matted photo will be sent via post to your home address.

Who is welcome: Any mum with her children of any age. (Please note the photography space is limited and so large/extended family images are not possible)

How to book: Email me at to agree your timeslot. I will then send you a link to the event’s just giving page to make your donation.

Where does my money go: All the costs of the event are being covered by the sponsoring businesses. I am giving my time for free and covering the costs of the photographic prints and postage. The Picture Frame Gallery is kindly letting us use the space for free. Just Giving is being used to ensure absolute transparency about where your donation is going. It also gives NSPCC the added benefit of collecting your hard earned cash back from the tax man- BONUS!

We hope you feel this is a great opportunity to raise money for a great charity, as well as get a portrait at a HUGE reduction on my usual prices.

Cancellation Policy: Given this is a charity event and donations are being made via just giving, should you not be able to attend, refunds will not be available. You may privately arrange to pass  your time slot to another mum. In this scenario, please email me with their details to

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  • Natalie Spencley - I would love to come to the charity event..
    I have 2 children . I can work around your schedule.
    I’d also be keen to have one done with my sisters an my mum if that’s the kind of thing you are doing ?
    Not to be greedy however my sister has 2 children Also so I’m sure she would also love the opportunity if there is room whilst she is there .
    What a very lovely idea
    Thank u in advance
    Natalie xxx

  • Clare - Thanks Natalie. I will drop you a note.
    Family are very welcome. Each group should book a separate session to ensure we have enough time and also so that you can get a print of each group (one print per session)

  • Stephanie - Hi Clare
    Can I have two slots please for my sister and I and our babies! I may also want one of all four of us if possible please?
    Stephanie x

  • Nasrine Choudhury - Hi Clare,
    May I have a slot please? I have a 9 month old, and a husband, if he’s welcome!

    Many thanks

Sometimes kids don’t play ball. Sometimes they’d rather play with the blind. I kind of admire them for pleasing themselves! Who needs to say cheese!




















Sometimes they like to hide from the camera. But hiding makes a great story too…























































(Of course, please never let a child play with blinds unattended)

Family photography shoot in Kensington, London, January 2015.




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  • Sally Slack - This is so very cute! Great story telling! :-)

Many of you will have seen the ‘Black and White Challenge’ doing the rounds on Facebook… posting a black and white image every day for five days. I promised I’d share 5 new images and here they are… we had a lot of fun making some new images…

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The best complement I can be given is a client returning for another shoot :) I photographed these sisters last winter and was excited to see how they’d grown up and developed. (A wee trip back to Zurich for a few shoots was also very nice!)

As they already knew me, we had our hellos and catch up and then we were straight into play! At this age, the girls needed very little intervention from me. I want genuine interaction in my images so the more I can leave children to play naturally, the more natural my images will be. That’s not to say it’s easy work!! I must confess, I was given quite a work out running around that pirate ship!!

My favourite images are where the girls give their mum a hug… if the strength of their tugging (mum nearly toppled over!) is a reflection of the strength of their love for her, then that’s pretty awe inspiring!

And I also love the shots taken at the ferry terminal, and I hope these will create a nice memory of a place special to the family.





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As you can imagine, I take a lot of pictures of my little muse! I was going back a few months in my image catalogue and found this…

(sadly the monkey was tossed out of a buggy in the streets of Greenwich and despite our best efforts to find him, he is no longer with us)

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  • Sarah - Love this!

  • Emma Bradshaw - Clare is a very good friend of ours, but more importantly an incredibly talented photographer…. just wished she lived down the road for those needed photo moments halloween, birthdays etc… We had a great afternoon in central park, while clare worked very hard to get the shots she knew she wanted.. Without any of it being an effort for us! thanks for the lovely pictures, that we can treasure forever!!!! Big Kiss x x