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London family photographer: Annual Mother’s Day Charity Event 2018

Happy Mother’s Day! Last weekend I had a fun day photographing 28 Mothers and their children (and some of Grandmothers too!). I try to do this every year, inspired to ‘put mum in the picture’, to ensure women exist in pictures with their children. I... read more

A baptism baby portrait – Baby photography Essex and London

My little boy sat unaided at 7 months old. I was so excited as it’s my favourite development stage to photograph babies! It was perfect timing for this Baptism portrait that we featured on his baptism thank you cards. This is the little white outfit he wore and... read more

Sibling love: The early days. Documentary family photography in London

Going from a family of three to four kind of knocked me side ways. When my first child came along a lot had to change but I still fitted a heck of a lot in. When number 2 arrived there just didn’t seem to be a spare minute in the day! I was in demand constantly... read more

Essex Family Photographer: Happy Mother’s Day 2016!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Two weeks ago I held my third Mother’s Day Charity Event. This year all profits went to Action Aid and we raised £620 who “help transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable women and children”.... read more

Sunset on the Tuscan & Umbrian hills : London Family Photographer

We celebrated my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary in Umbria at the stunning Villa Pia (It’s a perfect location that sits right on the Tuscan and Umbrian border) . The evening we cracked open the champagne to celebrate we were blessed with a stunning... read more

Mother’s Day Charity Event 2016 – Pop-up studio in Gidea Park

Back by popular demand – ha ha ! I’ve always wanted to say that!! But it’s true, so many people have asked me if I’ll be doing this again… so here goes… For those of you new to my Mother’s day events… the back story: I decided... read more

Expat moving home pictures: an album to remember

Life as an expat means lots of moving. It means lots of hellos and goodbyes. It also means lots of homes. Sometimes homes that we will never see again. Never get the opportunity to walk past and remember the afternoons running around in the garden, that front door... read more

Essex Family Photographer: 25 portraits – Putting mum in the picture

  Thank you so so much to all the mums who came to have their portrait taken with their little ones. We not only recorded a little piece of family history for you all, but also raised over £500 for NSPCC. Thank you also to Picture Frame Gallery for hosting the... read more