Happy Mother’s Day 2019

Another fun Mother’s Day event took place two weeks ago and this weekend 44 framed prints were collected from The Picture Frame Gallery in time for people to give or receive them as Mother’s Day gifts.

I had a secret aim this year that I didn’t share with anyone – I wanted the event to hit £1000 in funds raised for charity. And we did it! It meant squeezing in extra sessions and I also hosted an extra event for friends and family at my home studio which freed up more sessions at the main event at The Picture Frame Gallery. It meant we put even more pressure on Mark to frame everything in time but as usual he pulled all the stops out for everyone. Thanks once again to him for hosting us. My home studio just can’t cope with that many people in one day and we really couldn’t do the event without his wonderful space and also his ability to make babies laugh!!

I still need to finalise a few costs but I am looking forward to making the transfer to mothers2mothers, the chosen charity for this year.

Thank you to each and every one of you who came to the event and shared it in your networks.

It means the world to me reading your messages of thanks saying you love your images and seeing them shared on social media. I truly believe that our children will be so grateful for a photographic record of the bond they have with their mothers. Too often we put off being in the photo. We are either too busy taking them, too shy or polite to ask someone to take a picture of us or too hung up on not looking like our pre-mummy selves.

And in years to come, when our children can’t get the hard drives we are filling up to work or can’t find the passwords to the cloud storage we believe will outlive us, they will have a printed record of Mother’s Day 2019. (Sorry, just had to jump on my ‘print your pictures’ soap box for a moment there!!!)

So thank you once again to all these amazing mothers. I am so happy to have met and photographed you and played a small part in recording your family story.

Warmest wishes


mothers2mothers (m2m) is an organisation that unlocks the power of women to eliminate childhood AIDS and create healthy families. Since being set up in 2001, m2m has created over 10,000 jobs for HIV-positive women as health workers in sub-Saharan Africa. These “Mentor Mothers” provide health services, advice, and support to women and their families at health facilities and door-to-door in local communities. They are armed with the knowledge of how it feels to be in their clients’ shoes and are trusted members of their community – a simple, but incredibly effective, model of sisterhood. Together, these Mentor Mothers have changed the lives of more than 10.5M women and children.