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The butterfly fairy: Watching our children through child photography

A little two and a half year old girl in fairy wings on a photographer’s website… it’s a tad cliche isn’t it! But I came home from work and my mother in law had brought my

Waking Up : Child photographer Essex and London

I love watching my little one wake up… here’s some from yesterday morning…  

Child Photographer London & Essex: The Black and White Challenge

Many of you will have seen the ‘Black and White Challenge’ doing the rounds on Facebook… posting a black and white image every day for five days. I promised I’d share 5 new

London baby photographer: Search through your archives

As you can imagine, I take a lot of pictures of my little muse! I was going back a few months in my image catalogue and found this… (sadly the monkey was tossed out of a buggy in the streets of

A letter to my parents….

Dear Mum and Dad   I am writing this because it’s not fathers day, mothers day, a birthday, or christmas because I am not buttering you up to ask a favour and I haven’t crashed the

My mini grown up

Sometimes they just do something that makes you laugh… (and it’s the little toe that I love the most in this picture!!)

Just a day… Zurich and London baby photographer

Imagine looking back on one day 30 years ago… seeing where you lived, what you wore, what you spent your time doing… For me, photography is storytelling. I want to be able to look back on

Abigail’s cake smash

Although cash smashes are not really my style of photography, I thought that as I had a cake and a birthday girl at my disposal I should give it a go! Many of my photography colleagues who do cake

Rub a dub dub – 1 year old baby photography

I have been coveting this tub for some time… I finally got it delivered from the USA and was so excited to get my daughter to model it for me. Last night we had a different bath time (!) but

Ending the baby era…

Next weekend we will be busy celebrating my daughter’s first birthday with a house full of guests, so I thought I had better get her in the studio to record her one year milestone… The

The lion who came to lunch

So I’m on holiday and so it means I get to shoot on impulse. Now I have my very own muse there is ALWAYS something to photograph (my poor, long suffering husband!) Recently I’ve been

Just another lunchtime…

I could sit and watch my daughter eat all day… and she would probably eat all day if I let her! I wanted to capture the simple delight of watching her play with / eat her food… before she