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Father’s day post 1: Family photography in Zurich

I’ve been dying to share some of these pictures from a session in Staefa but I promised I would wait until Father’s day. Today the kids will sit down with their Dad and share this secret shoot! We made a slideshow that tells the story of our afternoon and even features their Father’s day card.

This shoot featured a 5 year old, a 3 year old and a 1 year old. So I had my work cut out to keep up with them all and find suitable activities that all the kids would enjoy. We did soooo much in just a few hours – it was a great workout!

We started off with Sammy and Isla showing me how high they could swing… check out the effort and concentration on their faces!


Whilst Joe particularly enjoyed the sand pit…


And all the children enjoyed a game of hide and seek…

Then we had some fun with some bubbles….



I loved shooting against this blue wall and the wonderful directional light I found there…



Then we had some great time when the kids just did their own thing… having a think… or just simply being a princess in a tiara…



My favourite shots are nearly always when the children have completely forgotten I am there. The moment I walked past the kitchen I knew this shot would be one of my favourites…


And here are a few more I love…

I needed to find something that would naturally bring all the children together, something they would all be genuinely interested  – my answer was Prince Philip! Well, Isla named him Prince Philip – he was actually a snail! But he kept them amused for long enough to get some great images… who said not to work with animals and children!




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  • Jane - I can’t thank Clare enough for the beautiful photos of the children.

    I’ve never liked the idea of ‘staged’ photos, with everyone looking at the camera, smiling stiffly and in the past had imagined a photo-shoot would be just like that.

    When Clare and I met, I mentioned I really wanted some lovely, natural snaps of the children together. They grow and change so fast and I wanted some photos to capture their magical ages for Father’s Day. Clare had an amazing rapport with the children and just let them be themselves (in fact they keep asking when ‘Camera Clare’ is next coming to visit us!)

    It was great visiting Clare’s studio with the children and looking at the finished slideshow, she even suggested incorporating our Father’s Day card which I would never have thought of.

    Clare is friendly, talented, down to earth and makes everyone feel totally at ease. I can’t recommend her enough! Needless to say daddy was very happy this morning-thank you!


  • Clare @ Clare Breheny Photography - Ah – “Camera Clare” – I like that!

    I’m so glad that their Daddy liked the slideshow. It was so much fun working with you and the children.


  • David - That’s a stunning set of images Clare. Really nicely captured and of course nice and natural. Who could ever want dull posed pictures when you can have that.

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