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Product Guide


The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that the images I produce are in people’s homes, reminding them of special times and the people they love.

I know we live in a digital age but you can’t beat a beautifully framed print or the touch of a real album. I do sell digital prints and I am very happy for my clients to produce their own products if that is their wish BUT I have spent lots of time researching and testing the products I provide. I use only the best printers, framing and mounting materials and an amazingly skilled bespoke framer. I believe that my final products are part of the service and will help your images stand out and become treasured family heirlooms.


I am only ever an email or phone call away!



What size should I select for my frames?
Think about where you will place each frame in your home and measure the size of the space you would like the frame to cover. This will give you a good starting point.
All homes are different but here are a few popular choices:
If placing a frame above a double bed or as a single feature on a wall – 24” x 16” aperture (c. 36” x 28” frame size) works well.
12” x 8” aperture size (c. 18”x14” frame size) works well in an alcove or in pairs or sets of three.
If you are lucky enough to have a larger home then you may need to go bigger!
Lots of images, not enough wall space?
Why not consider a multi-aperture frame. Clare can mock up a design for you.
(Clare advises to stick to black & white or colour in one multi-aperture frame and can help you select images that match well)
The 9 apertures of 5”x5” or 7”x7” are the most popular multi-aperture frame but options are limitless.
Alternatively, an album can be a great option to cherish more of your images and pass on to your family.
I don’t know what frame to order – I can’t match one to my furniture.
Rather than trying to match furniture exactly (wood is especially difficult as often the grain or the different batches can create variations in the final output), it is often a better idea to create a contrast between your furniture and frames. For example, if you have oak furniture, a silver frame can work well. All the recommended frames are very subtle and so they generally won’t create strong clashes.
I would like an album. How does the design process work?
Select the images you would like to feature (1 per page) Clare will create a design that seeks to sequence the images well, either telling a story of your shoot or highlighting your favourite shots. The design will then be available for you to review online before we press print.
Do you sell canvases, acrylics, box / tray frame or metallic prints?
Any of these can be arranged on request. They just aren’t the more commonly requested items. Again, any of these other products are ordered from the best providers to ensure the highest quality products.
How do I place my order?
Just drop Clare an email at or call her.
We will always follow up with an order confirmation so that you can check everything is correct.