Sibling love: The early days. Documentary family photography in London

Oct 2, 2017 | Family, Personal

Going from a family of three to four kind of knocked me side ways. When my first child came along a lot had to change but I still fitted a heck of a lot in. When number 2 arrived there just didn’t seem to be a spare minute in the day! I was in demand constantly and it was a shock! Going from one to two was a major step up!

But another shock, was the love. I just didn’t expect to see and feel the immense love between my daughter and her brother. Today, at ten months old, he said his first word, and it was (without prompting or training), his sister’s name.

It made me think back to this moment when he was just weeks old and we had headed off to Center Parcs for a short break. I walked in to the bedroom to find my daughter chatting away to her little brother, showing him the little fox she had given him the day he was born. He had turned towards her, watching her intently. I remembered taking these pictures and headed to my hard drive to dig them out. I have tears in my eyes looking at them as I remember that moment. Before taking the pictures I just stood quietly watching them, both of them unaware of my presence, and it was a moment of calm and ‘this is all so worth it’. And then I started planning how I was going to get the shot with them both squeezed in a tight corner…