The lion who came to lunch

Feb 28, 2014 | Other work

So I’m on holiday and so it means I get to shoot on impulse. Now I have my very own muse there is ALWAYS something to photograph (my poor, long suffering husband!)

Recently I’ve been interested in telling a story of every day baby events – perhaps desperate to always remember the various facial expressions, the exhilaration of arms flailing around and loud giggled followed by the concentration of a carefully planned pincher movement. It’s another lunch time story but this time without any food (we did feed her beforehand, honest!!) I find it quite amusing just how many different things a 10 month old can do with a finger puppet – and how many time my husband or I find ourselves bending down to scoop up poor Mr Lion!

I hope I am not being a mummy bore, but I truly believe there can never bee ‘too many’ photographs of my pride and joy…


Clare Breheny Photography_0230