Abigail’s Angelman Charms: An inspiring young lady’s fundraising venture

Feb 15, 2016 | Personal

Today, 15th February is International Angelman Day. Angelman Syndrome is something I had never heard of until very recently… I’ve linked to the information page if you would like to read more… Here’s how I heard about it…

As you may know, I like the name Abigail 🙂 What you may not know, is that my husband and I fell in love with the name back in 2008 at my brother’s wedding when they had the most adorable flowergirl toddling around and making us all smile,  named Abigail.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed a few weeks back and I saw that a now very much grown up Abigail has created her own charity fundraising venture. I will use her words here to relay her mission:

My little brother Freddie has Angelman Syndrome. He is very cute, cuddly and smiley. I found out that some Scientists and Doctors are doing research to help people with Angelman Syndrome so started making necklaces and selling them to raise money so that they can keep trying . People have been buying them for £5 and I’ve raised £1300 so far since June. If you would like to buy one you could put a message on here or contact my Mummy. Thank you very much! Abigail x

Since that post her total has gone up to £2000. Check out her facebook page and you will see the beautiful jewellery she makes and her wonderful displays…

My Abigail and I were delighted to receive our charm necklaces and bracelets a few days ago and we captured a few images here for you…

Such gorgeous presentation! Abigail enjoyed wearing hers and then decided to turn the camera on me and made sure I put mine on!!

Needless to say, she has been wearing it non stop! And I have been wearing mine with great pride too!

Thank you Abigail! Keep up the fantastic work xxx

Angelman collagesAngelman collagesAngelman collagesAngelman collages



If you would like have your own beautiful jewellery and support Abigail’s fundraising, then please head over to her facebook page