Blue eyed boy: Sitting baby shoot, Gidea Park, Essex

May 23, 2016 | Babies

It always amazes me how much babies change in their first year. I hardly recognise this blue eyed boy from his newborn images! It was such a delight to have him back in the studio. We got the shoot in JUST before he was on his feet.

He had us all in stitches with his antics and he LOVED my ginger biscuits so I couldn’t resist a ‘messy baby’ picture at the end!

Mum and Dad were totally on my wave length when it came to the styling – we wanted some really simple, classic shots that showed off his baby features. No fancy “grown up” clothes, we wanted to make the most of the baby days!

Obviously I don’t have ‘favourites’ when it comes to my clients, but if I did, then this family would be top of the list. We have laughed and cried and shared so much together in our sessions. I love the fact I get to meet so many wonderful families through my work.  I want to wish this couple a wonderful wedding day next month – they totally deserve it! xx (PS Once the wedding is done, please paint your living room wall as promised, so that I photograph it and show my blog followers the beautiful art work we created from your newborn shoot !!! cheeky emoji here)

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