Cuba Street Photography: Post 2: Balconies

Jul 12, 2011 | Travel

I’ve finally found a spare pocket of time to go back to my images shot in Cuba this year and prepare some more for the next blog instalment. If you missed the first instalment (or your memory doesn’t go back that far – it has been a while!) it can be found here:  five men hanging

There were some definite themes in Cuba and these images speak a lot to me about pausing to take in the world we live in, and balconies certainly enable the people of Cuba to do this.

I’ve also been working on my use of colour. As you may have noticed I am a big fan of black and white but really felt that Cuba deserved to be shown in colour. I must thank a dear friend Drew McWilliams who has given me some great inspiration from his own work and also some technical tips. Do check out his work here.

I hope you enjoy the images – as always PLEASE leave a comment letting me know which is your favourite.