Family photographer London & Essex: Sisters at play

Nov 3, 2014 | Children, Family

The best complement I can be given is a client returning for another shoot 🙂 I photographed these sisters last winter and was excited to see how they’d grown up and developed. (A wee trip back to Zurich for a few shoots was also very nice!)

As they already knew me, we had our hellos and catch up and then we were straight into play! At this age, the girls needed very little intervention from me. I want genuine interaction in my images so the more I can leave children to play naturally, the more natural my images will be. That’s not to say it’s easy work!! I must confess, I was given quite a work out running around that pirate ship!!

My favourite images are where the girls give their mum a hug… if the strength of their tugging (mum nearly toppled over!) is a reflection of the strength of their love for her, then that’s pretty awe inspiring!

And I also love the shots taken at the ferry terminal, and I hope these will create a nice memory of a place special to the family.





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