Happy Valentine’s Day to Hubby! : Maternity Self-portaits, Zürich 1

Feb 14, 2013 | Maternity, Personal

Happy Valentine’s Hubs!!

You’ll be reading this at work and realising there is a naked picture of your wife on the internet!  He hee!!!

You know how much I love maternity photography and so it only seemed right that I did a shoot for you. (Especially as I can’t be pregnant forever and this big belly will soon evolve into something not entirely attractive!!!)

Thank you for all your amazing support during the pregnancy so far – only ten weeks to go now! (If you supply the Gaviscon, I will try not to moan too much!!!)

I can’t wait for our adventure to REALLY begin at the end of April!

With more love than ever,



A HUUUGGGGEEE thank you to Alexandra of Glo Cosmetics. (Alexandra is the talented make up artist at all my boudoir shoots) She not only came and did my make up but also helped in the studio for me to test lighting and get everything in place – self portraiture is NOT easy!! I couldn’t have done it without her. 


Self portrait maternity shoot by Clare Breheny Photography Zurich


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