Huggable Henry! Baby Photography in Essex

Jul 23, 2011 | Babies, Family

First off, Happy Anniversary to Henry’s parents! They will be celebrating their wedding anniversary this weekend. I was honoured to photograph their beautiful wedding (check it out here ) and it was a delight to meet their baby Henry and create some images for their beautiful home.

I’m always anxious when I get the images up on screen after the shoot, I’m desperate for the images to show the people I’m photographing at their very best. It’s often at this point that I get really excited and have to go tell everyone on Facebook how much I love my job! Whilst I was editing Henry’s shots I realised that my cheeks were aching as I’d been grinning back at his gorgeous smile on my screen! He really is adorable and even went to sleep when we requested the sleeping shots! The broody-ometer has gone up another notch!!

Check out Henry’s gorgeous outfits too – what a style icon eh!

Enjoy! Cx