London family photographer: Annual Mother’s Day Charity Event 2018

Mar 11, 2018 | Children, Family

Happy Mother’s Day!

Last weekend I had a fun day photographing 28 Mothers and their children (and some of Grandmothers too!).
I try to do this every year, inspired to ‘put mum in the picture’, to ensure women exist in pictures with their children.

I love the fact that this message has been so well received. Mums at the event told me:
‘I know I’ll be critical of how I look but I had to come as it’s so important for my children to have this’
‘I take all the pictures in our family so I am never in any’
‘My friend came to the event a few years ago and I saw her picture and she told me why you do it and I was desperate to come’

I get a lot out of it, reconnecting with past clients and seeing how their children have grown up, meeting new families, catching up on the news of our local area…

We haven’t got the final figure yet but we will have raised over £500 for Women for Women International.

Thank you to all the mums who took part. It really was a pleasure! And a HUGE thank you to Mark at The Picture Frame Gallery who generously hosted the event for the third time.

As for my own Mother’s day, my biggest gift was a proper lie in followed my breakfast in bed! HEAVEN! My four year old is really into it all this year, layering on the compliments and even finding my favourite song for us to dance to – Elton John’s ‘I’m still standing’, my first record (on vinyl!!!) at aged 4. The day honestly means more and more each year.

But I can’t help thinking about those for whom today is a very different and difficult day. Today the charity I volunteer for – Remember my baby – will get calls as women have motherhood cruelly snatched away from them. This morning I had to hurriedly wipe away my tears after watching the Martin Lewis interview about losing his mother at a young age. And then my mind turned to friends waiting and waiting to become mothers, and those for whom it isn’t possible. There is no profound, uplifting ending to this post, but I couldn’t write the post without acknowledging that there are a mixture of emotions out there today. So to sign off,  following a week celebrating International Women’s day, a day that is hugely important worldwide (Check out my blog post over on my women’s portraiture site), love to all women. xxx