London Photographer: NYC photography inspiration

Oct 4, 2014 | Family

Here’s the low down on my recent trip to NYC – a cute shoot and lots of gallery talk… 5 years ago I met the wonderful Sue Greetham at a photography convention. It’s been so nice to share my journey with another photographer, sharing ideas and sounding each other out whenever we need to.  Each year Sue and I invest in a few days away from our businesses to attend a workshop and gain some insight into how another photographer works. It’s a good way to reflect on the way you are doing things and think about what you want to achieve going forward. We also try to check out art exhibitions in London whenever  we can – getting fresh, visual inspiration. In September we headed over to NYC to combine a workshop with a great Australian newborn photographer, Kristen Cook, and geek out in the galleries. There was a fair bit of serendipidy about how it all worked out… more to come on that later. I also managed to squeeze in a coffee and mini shoot with some dear friends who live in New York. Ten month old Max had had a tough time of teething but he was such a star – he pulled out all the stops for us!! What a cutie pie. I love the look of love in his parents’ eyes… London family photographer in NYC London baby photographer in NYC 2London family photographer in NYC 5London family photographer in NYC 6London lifestyle photographer in nYC 7London newborn photographer in NYC 4London newborn photographer in NYC 3   We lucked out and got to go to a Gary Winograd retrospective at The Metropolitan Art Gallery. This was really special for me as my first ever photography teacher was a big fan of Winograd and referred to him in nearly every class. His work really represents the mood of the various decades he photographed. What was particularly interesting is that the curators had gone back to rolls of film he had never developed and also selected images from contact sheets that he hadn’t selected himself. It highlights how different people see different things of value in our photographs, and how the passage of time can alter what we see as important. It was also nice to select a few of the other Met galleries to wander through… I made a bee-line for Degas, one of my favourites. I love the atmosphere and colours – and I think his work is always dear to me as I used to see prints of his at my dance school from the age of 4… he was probably the first painter I was aware of.   Next on the gallery list was MOMA. This gallery played such an important role in photography finding it’s place in the art world and was referred to so much during my Masters Degree. It was really a very inspiring visit. There was a great exhibition about the use of the studio in photography, and it was really something to reflect on the vast variety of works that can be created in a simple studio. Having completed a 4 week project focusing on colour and texture in August, I took the opportunity to really go up close to the colours in my favourite paintings and here is a collage of what I was drawn to. Feel free to play ‘name that painting’! London baby photographer in NYC       The workshop with Kristen Cook was really interesting. I feel more akin to her way of working than some of the other photographers in the industry so it was really great to see her work and hear her talk so passionately about her approach to newborn photography. Her work is very organic and her sessions are very much baby-led. As always, part of the joy of a workshop is meeting other photographers and it was a great day and evening and I look forward to keeping in touch with Kristen and all the participants. Workshops are a a great way to reflect on your own work and customer experience and so I hope to make a few tweaks to move my business along further – watch this space!! Thanks to our super cute model for the day 🙂 London Newborn photographer home shoots     The last day was the real highlight of the trip. I had sadly missed Sebastio Salgado’s Genesis exhibition in both London and Paris. The queues were soooo long and I just didn’t have time during my fleeting visits to these cities whilst I was living in Zurich. So I was super excited to see it was opening in NYC during our visit. Even more exciting was to see that Salgado himself was giving a talk whilst we were there. We hurriedly bought tickets, knowing what a great opportunity it was but not really knowing what he would focus on. Well it was possibly one of the most moving experiences of my life. The phrase ‘food for the soul’ sprung to mind as I walked out in a daze.  One of the wisest people I have ever had the honour of listening to, yet also the most unassuming and modest man. And just plain sweet! This man has experienced so many different places in the world, living amongst some of the most primitive tribes, war torn countries and famished communities. As well as visiting some of the most remote and most beautiful places on earth. His sense of the world and humanity and his perspective of time and our role on the planet is so incredibly well informed by these experiences. It was really such a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear his insights. I actually found the slideshow of his work previous to Genesis even more emotional than Genesis, so I recommend checking it out. I also thought you might like his Ted talk (different topic but very good). (Excuse the poor pictures… I didn’t want to ruin the talk by ‘papping’ him so these were taken on my pocket camera in a basement lecture hall) London newborn baby photographer Thank you Sue for sharing all of this with me. From sharing business plans, to deep thoughts of humanity, tears over Klimt and for being the best assistant ever at Max’s shoot!! (That last bit is a bit cheeky as clearly Sue is WAY too experienced a photographer to be my assistant, but she really was fantastic and happily leaped about making Max laugh so much – demonstrating why she is one of the UK’s leading baby photographers – kids just love her!)   Newborn photography at your home_0019