Meet Clare

I’m not great at being in front of the camera (so I can sympathise with clients who feel this way), and I have never felt less willing to be in front of a camera than the weeks after my daughter arrived! But I love this self portrait so so much!

My fridge is a good representation of my life – Busy! But always with pictures!

Why me?

I’m professional but easy going. I’m patient and flexible with my clients. My number one priority is to put you at ease – until I do that no amount of technical camera skills can help!

I will ask you the important questions and I will listen to you. I will use my experience to guide you through the whole experience. I will design your shoot to meet your needs, provide guidance on what to wear, give you gentle direction to ensure your images are natural and flattering, and finally I will help you select the images and products right for you.


The basics:

I am based in Gidea Park, which is in Essex or East London depending who you speak to! I grew up in this area so know it well but I have also lived in Sheffield, Edinburgh, Beijing, Blackheath and Zurich.  I live with my husband, daughter, son and two cats. I love to sing and dance (my kitchen is my dance floor and I have no shame!) I dread the day my daughter is too cool to dance with me!

I have been a professional people photographer since 2009, completing my Masters Degree in Fine Art Photography in 2011 and I plan to keep shooting until my knees give up on me!

My mission:

My mission is to capture beautiful, flattering, personal images and produce high-end printed heirlooms that your family can treasure and enjoy for generations to come.

I believe passionately that photographs belong on walls and if you are in danger of running out of wall space then you need albums! Seriously, I see the smile on my daughter’s face as she climbs the stairs and gazes at the pictures of her on the wall. She retells stories that are recorded only there in those images.  I can see she feels the love we her family have for her, realising her life is a precious gift to us, and that her story is worthy of recording and treasuring.

(On a practical note, I believe that our children, the most photographed generation ever, are not going to want to sift through thousands of images on old hard drives, random CDs and cloud servers – if they even work!! – in 50 years time!)

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

Ralph Hattersley

Charitable work


I have held three Mother’s Day events where all proceeds from the event go to charity. Check out the events from 2016, 2015, 2014.

These events are very popular and sell out very quickly. I highly recommend joining my mailing list (sign up box below) so that you get notified as the event launches.


I am a volunteer photographer for this wonderful charity.  Remember My Baby is a UK based registered charity who have professional photographers volunteering their photography services for the benefit of UK parents losing their baby before, during or shortly after birth.

Please take a look at the website to learn more and do remember to mention this service if you are unfortunate enough to know someone who might need it. I know remembrance photography is not something any of us really want to think about, but this is a really important part of the grieving process and an important legacy for the family to hold on to.