Mother’s Day Charity Event 2016 – Pop-up studio in Gidea Park

Jan 30, 2016 | Family

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Back by popular demand – ha ha ! I’ve always wanted to say that!! But it’s true, so many people have asked me if I’ll be doing this again… so here goes…

For those of you new to my Mother’s day events… the back story: I decided that I would make Mother’s Day the time for my annual charity event following the overwhelming response to my Mother’s day blog post and my call to all mums to ‘put themselves in the picture’ .   The idea is that YOU as a mum have a picture with your child(ren) to make sure YOU are recorded in pictures with them. If you are camera shy then please please please go read that article – I hope it helps and inspires you in the same way it did for me:)

I did my first Mother’s Day pop up studio in Zurich in 2014 and loved every minute of it.

Last year we had a wonderful day in Gidea Park and had amazing feedback. We sold out in just a few days and raised over £500 for NSPCC, capturing portraits of 25 mums and their children.

This year’s event will be raising funds for Action Aid, who run numerous projects to improve the lives of women and children. They tackle the tough issues of FGM, violence against women and getting girls into schools.

This year I will be working with Mark Belda again at The Picture Frame Gallery, to host a pop up studio in his shop.

When: Saturday, 20 February 2016 |15 minute time slots available from 10:00-16:00

Where: The Picture Frame Gallery | 142 Main Road, Gidea Park, RM2 5EU (map)

Cost: £35 (A minimum of £15 will go to Action Aid)

What’s Included: I will have a shooting area set up and will pose you with your children.  Following the photoshoot, a photographer’s choice photograph*  will be printed (print size 7″x5″), mounted and framed (Black or white frame) ** ready for collection from The Picture Frame Gallery in time for Mother’s day :)***

Who is welcome: Any mum with her children of any age. (Please note the photography space is limited and so large/extended family images are not possible)

Where does my money go: At least £15 of each booking fee will be donated to Action Aid.  The rest of your fee covers the cost of running the event and producing your framed portrait. No profit is made from the event. I give all my time and talent for free. I will post evidence of the payment made to Action Aid on my blog and Facebook page for 100% transparency.

Can I buy anything else:
Upgrade your framed image from a 7″x5″ print to a 12″x8″ print: £10 upgrade cost
Additional framed images can be purchased:
Additional 7″x5″ framed image: £30 (£15 of which goes to Action Aid charity)
Additional 12″x8″ framed image: £40 (£15 of which goes to Action Aid charity)

(Please note that these are additional copies of the same image. Only one finished image per session is available for purchase)

Additional items can be ordered and paid for at the event IN CASH ONLY.


two frames

I hope you agree this is a great opportunity to raise money for a wonderful charity, as well as get a portrait at a HUGE reduction on my usual prices.

Cancellation Policy: For ease of running the event, all bookings and payments are final.  If you are no longer able to attend you may privately arrange to pass your time slot to another mum. In this scenario, please email me with their details at There are no refunds for sessions unused on the day.

* ‘photographer’s choice photograph’ means that I select the picture (i.e. no galleries or viewings) BUT in practice, last year we were able to agree the image on the day by checking the back of the camera 🙂

** Frame will be black or white. Only one range of frames is on offer for this event. All framing decisions must be made before or at the event.

*** Please collect your framed print on Friday 4th March or Saturday 3rd March from The Picture Frame Gallery. If you cannot pick it up on those dates you can either pick it up the following week or if you tell me in advance I can arrange to courier it to you (extra charge of £7 per frame to be paid in cash).  Please note that I cannot guarantee delivery dates, however I will get them sent out by the end of Wednesday 2nd March. (Please note the shop is NOT open on Sunday 6th March!)


Booking is a two step process – Please fill complete BOTH links :

1. Head to this link, select your desired time slot and make the payment

2. Then, complete this online booking form so that I have all the details I need


I cannot wait to see familiar faces from last year and lots of new faces!!