My beautiful nephew!

Jan 30, 2012 | Babies, Personal

Not that I am biased, but I have the cutest little boy as a nephew!

Living thousands of miles away (in Vancouver) from me (in Zurich) I only got chance to see him when he was 6.5 months old, but as many of you know, this is one of my favourite times to photograph babies so I was pretty pleased about the timing!

He really is a happy baby and we had lots of cuddles and thankfully he only ever threw up on his Grandad rather than hubby and I! he hee – he know’s what’s what!

Obviously I was only too delighted to photograph him and we had a short window between all the family activities to get these images in my hotel room in Vegas.

I always remember that as a kid my brother loved sharks and had a big chart of all the species of shark on his bedroom wall, so it was very fitting to shoot my nephew as a shark! Though I think he is far too smiley to scare anyone!

I can’t wait to see him again in the summer when he will be running around and no doubt keeping me in check. Hopefully I will have some more images to share then. (Perhaps we need a Canucks themed picture to balance out the rugby!)

For now, big kisses to my family in Canada and obviously huge hugs to my little nephew.

Enjoy the shots!