Clare’s personal and photographic review of 2012

Jan 5, 2013 | Personal, Travel

I’ve just completed my first shoot of 2013.. and so before the months start flying past again I thought it would be good to take some time to reflect on the year that has just passed…

2012 was quite a year, both in terms of work and personal life. My first full year in Switzerland, it was all about settling in. I learnt lots about what Zurich had to offer, and reframed the business to focus on the areas that I am both passionate about and that I felt would benefit the Zurich Expat community.

I got to know my local community by giving some talks about how to take better pictures of your children. I was overwhelmed by the great response and feedback and look forward to giving the third and final talk on February 2nd – Book here:

Coinciding with the talks, Hello Switzerland magazine ran an article, giving lots of tips on taking pictures of your kids. If you missed the magazine you can check out the article online – head to page 49.

Newborns was the first area I wanted to focus on. Having a studio at our new home in Stäfa meant that I could create an environment that meets the needs of these shoots. It’s important to have the right temperature, changing facilities, props and backdrops. I’ve really enjoyed building up this aspect of my business and feel blessed each time I get to spend time with one of Zurich’s latest additions.

I’ve also loved trying out some new types of shots in my maternity sessions…


Boudoir (yes, a bit different from babies!!) has been the other area that I have been able to focus on. I now have a separate home for my boudoir work . I have focused on providing a great pampering experience and taking all the ‘trepidation’ out of a boudoir shoot!! I teamed up with a fabulous make up artist and a talented event team. We ran two weekends of the Bubbles & Boudoir experience in February and October and received great reviews, meeting, pampering and photographing 29 women in total. There will definitely be more to come in 2013! Check out some of the images over on the Clare’s Boudoir site. A few highlights are below…

I also continued to offer location shoots for older children and have enjoyed finding new locations to explore in and around Zurich. Shoots have taken me to the hills, the lake side, on the lake itself and to some of the great days out Zurich has to offer. I have a backlog of shoots to blog so watch out for some of the highlights.

I still managed to make time for one or two Royal appointments and found myself in the stunning St James Palace photographing Prince Charles.


On a more personal note, I managed to attend some of the local cultural traditions in Zurich including the Limmatschwimmen (where everyone jumps on a float and the Limmat river becomes a water park lazy river)and Sami Chlaus’s visitation (the ‘interesting’ part is the accompanying schmutzli)… I have a whole list of other traditional Swiss events to fit into the diary next year (when I will be spending far more time in Switzerland and less time travelling for work)



It was also a year of fitting in some more travelling (whilst we could still go with just a backpack rather than a buggy!) In March, Hubby and I headed to India. It was such a great experience and we packed a lot in – Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore, Jaipur, Kerala and Mumbai. The highlight was definitely our time at Dharavi ‘slums’ – check out the blog post here

I have been slowly editing the pictures from India – lots more to go! I really enjoyed photographing some local merchants in Delhi. I love the fact that whilst the men in the images are doing very little there is lots going on visually in the images…


We celebrated the weddings of more friends, at one I had the new task of being bridesmaid and photographer! I was very lucky that a good friend and colleague helped me out – a HUGE thank you to David Bell ( Congratulations Laura and Luke!

Another friend’s wedding involved a trip to Croatia. We were really taken with the country and here is a picture of Hvar…

We also spent some time in London for the Olympics. It was great to experience the positive vibe in the city and check out a few of the venues. (Mr Bean at the opening ceremony is still my favourite bit!!)

We got to spend some time with my family from Canada who visited us in Switzerland. This picture of my brother, sister in law and nephew is probably my favourite picture of the year (Check out the post that explains the story behind the picture)

2012 was a real year of change – even more so that moving country. In August we were delighted to find out I am pregnant. Our baby is due in April 2013. I hope to settle into a new routine as quickly as possible which strikes the balance between mummy time and camera time! I will keep you posted!!!


Unfortunately we were passengers in a car crash in London in November and I had to take a few weeks to recover afterwards. It’s not like me to be away from work and I would really like to thank all my clients for their caring and understanding during this period – especially as it was the crucial run up to Christmas! Thankfully everyone who had a shoot still got their orders in time for present opening on Christmas day and it was a real pleasure to count up all the countries in which my products were received.


Next year I hope to be including some personal highlights of our brand new family!!!

2013 will be a whole new adventure and I hope to share it with many of you.

Thanks for helping make 2012 a great year! Wishing you much happiness and fulfilment for the year ahead.



PS I will be launching quarterly newsletters this year. Don’t worry no spam! But it’s a great way to keep up to date with my latest news and special offers. If you would like to be added to the mailing list just drop me a brief note via the contact form above. It would be lovely to keep in touch xx